THE REMISSION PATH   dir. Sandra Kawar   ***(in-production)
THE UNACCEPTED REALITY   dir. Sandra Kawar   ***Jordan International Film Festival, Delhi International Film Festival AWARDED
THE ARABIAN AUTUMN   dir. Sandra Kawar
CONTRACT (additional composer)   dir. Nic Auerbach

tv & documentaries
PEKIN EXPRESS 2010    broadcasted by M6 (france)
DOCUMENTARIES     bbc, national geographic, discovery channel, canal+

worked for Mechanist Games
worked for Somatone Interactive

music libraries
AMBIENT DRAMA    published by StrangeFruitMusic
DARK DRAMA    published by StrangeFruitMusic
DARK & MYSTERIOUS    published by StrangeFruitMusic

EURO 2012 aka Flume (in collaboration with Antonello Aloise)

sample libraries
CENTURY project     8DIO

Diego is an electronic music composer, musician and audio editor. He develops music and sound for trailers, movies and documentaries.
He worked on TV productions for BBC, National Geographic, Canal+, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet as well as in charge of soundtrack production for several independent movies, games and international sport events.
His approach evokes delicate soundscapes in atmosphere and emotion. He loves to collaborate with independent film makers and artists around the globe.
Feel free to contact him for any questions and collaborations.

…we placed his music in the last broadcast TV “Pekin Express”. We are very pleased with his work, artistic creativity and ability to adapt to our various projects…” DAVID ATTELAN (GamdaMedia Productions - Executive)

“…his knowledge and understanding of contemporary recording techniques and production methods ensure that his work is of the highest standard, from both creative and technical point of view…” FRED WOODS (Strange Fruit Music - Chief Executive)

“…I would recommend him to any up and coming studio needing to achieve great music in a short time as this will definitely increase the overall production value of your games…” DAVID LINDSAY (CEO - Mechanist Games)


*for movies, games, tv and commercials please contact Carolynne Wyper or Lesley Jackson of SMA Talent |
phone: +44 (0) 20 7307 5958 |  

**for trailers please contact Rudy Chung or Michelle Cho of Pusher Music

***for collaborations and other questions feel free to contact me | skype: diegomancamura